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UK Modern

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UK ModernLinking UK modern image model railway's, providing information and photos of member layouts **Please note** to keep the ring focused, no traders, non-"modern image".. All layouts in the ring should be based upon a British UK "modern image" theme (but can be physically located anywhere in the world). - everything from new layouts under construction to complete exhibition standard layouts. 
For example: Clapford Junction - Details the construction of a Modern-Image OO-gauge model railway layout in the loft of my house.

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Clapford Junction
Details the construction of a Modern-Image OO-gauge model railway layout in the loft of my house.


Smallphry.com - diary of a model railway
Online diary (blog) of the construction of a southern UK based, 1980s era layout with DCC control

UK Modern Image Layouts - web ring homepage
The homepage of the UK Modern Image Layouts web ring.

Steeple Knook Cement Works Model Railway
Steeple Knook is a model railway project I have started.

Echo Lane. A modern model railway
Echo Lane is my 3rd model railway and my first website.

Shelford-upon-Trent - Multi-Era Loft Model Railway Layo
Shelford-upon-Trent - a modern image loft layout set in Central England around 2003-2006.

Doncaster 2 London Model Railway
Model railway based around the doncaster to london kings cross route.

Welcome to the home of Burton Old Bridge - Home
Burton old bridge a modern image british outline model railway in oo scale and featuring a scale representation of ballochmyle viaduct the largest railway arch in the world

Gloucester Road
A freelance UK modern image layout based in America

Bodmin General
A 'what if' layout of Bodmin & Wenford Railway's main terminus and MPD currently under contruction.

Tiger Road
Tiger road, a OO layout in the planning stages

Doncaster Blues
Doncaster station and the ECML in the late 70s/early 80s; Deltics, 40s, 47s, 31s and HSTs in happy BR Blue harmony!

Bankstone Broadway - Modern image model railway
A modern image model layout set in a fictional London suburb.

Newcastle East
A OO gauge layout set in the early 1990's, Newcastle East is the first layout by Shaun Morton.

Layout on a shelf
A currently un-named, and under construction modern image "layout on a shelf".

Clifton Yard Modern Image OO gauge Loft Layout
A modern image layout based in my loft in yorkshire.

Dave's Model Railway
A small terminus to fiddle yard Modern Image layout in OO gauge, inspired by Blackpool North.

OO Scale 4mm Modern image layout Hollybrook is a fictitious run around layout based on the railway era of the last five years it's a layout built on how I myself perceive the railway to be Hollybrook is very much a modern image urban setting

Hailsham - 00 Gauge in the loft
Chronicalling the construction and operation of a modern image layout set in East Sussex

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This is a description of my OO EWS TMD construction, FALCONSTOWER TMD.

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