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Dinosaurs and Mesozoic Paleontology WebRing

Topic: Paleontology > Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs and Mesozoic Paleontology WebRingThis webring brings together websites about Dinosaurs and other Mesozoic reptiles. It is also for sites about the Paleontology or fossils of any other life of the Mesozoic - "The Age of the Dinosaurs".



For example: Books About Dinosaurs - Site gives a list of books about dinosaurs, compiled by a geosciences librarian, currently available.

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Books About Dinosaurs
Site gives a list of books about dinosaurs, compiled by a geosciences librarian, currently available.

Cretaceous Rick's Mesozoic Homestead
A freak broadband-hookup accident stranded me in the Late Cretaceous with my computer.

Megafauna del Terciario Argentino
Grandes especies que habitaron el continente sudamericano, Toxodontes (el primer fósil de toxodonte fue hallado por Charles Darwin durante la expedición del Beagle), los Macrauquénidos, Megaterios, Milodontes, Dasypodios y Glyptodonytes entre las especies de gran tamaño.

Stego's Den
Stegosaurus of the Mountains who enjoys Fursuits, Artwork, and other wild things!

West Parade Fossils, fossils for sale
Great selection of UK dinosaur, fish, reptile fossils for sale.

Dinosaur sites with illustrations, galleries, research, kids pages, articles, timelines, reference and dinosaur products.

New Jersey's Primer Fossil Web site
New Jersey's Primer Fossil Web site dedicated to some of New jersey's famous fossil collecting sites.

From the creators of The Raptor Pack, we bring you Talon: Extinction.

Healthstones offers original museum quality collectible scale dinosaur model replicas at affordable prices.

Dinosaurs and Mesozoic Paleontology WebRing
This is the homepage for the "Dinosaurs and Mesozoic Paleontology WebRing" and gives the information about this ring.

East Devon Jurassic Coast
The one stop portal for East Devon (Jurassic Coast) World Heritage Site information, accommodation, whats on/events etc.

DinoStoreus Dinosaur Collectibles
DinoStoreus produces high-quality and extremely affordable dinosaur replicas that are not only scientifically accurate and to scale, but offer tremendous attention to detail.

Lost World WebRing
The "Lost World WebRing" features websites that have anything to do with Dinosaurs and other Mesozoic reptiles and life, including modern topics such as dinosaur art, movies, TV shows, sci-fi stories and writing, books and other references, museums and exhibitions, dinosaur themed webpages, and other related dinosaur stuff.

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Dinosaurs' extinction, the gravitational hypothesis
A new original hypothesis about dinosaurs' extinction. According to the author, this catastrophe was due to a change of gravitation.

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