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Slash Fan Fiction Ring

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Slash Fan Fiction RingMember sites contain slash fan fiction in a variety of fandoms. Adults only, please.



For example: Munch Cassidy slash - Archive of Munch/Cassidy stories, from Law & Order: Speical Victims Unit.

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Munch Cassidy slash
Archive of Munch/Cassidy stories, from Law & Order: Speical Victims Unit.

Persuaders Archive
The archive for fiction posted on the Persuaders list.

The Talljet Quartet - ATR Trilogy, Part III
DS9 G/B and much more.

Haldir's Realm with the Library of Lorien
Haldir's Realm is a SLASH site for Haldir and his Lothlorien elves. The site contains the SLASH Lorien fanfic archive Library of Lorien, the SLASH Elven fanfic archive The Wicked Elf, the Haldir's Realm message board for discussions and roleplaying, a collection of Lorien elves Fan Art by chosen artists. Art and fiction are NC-17 rated

Kendall's X-Files Fan Fiction
X-Files threesome (Sk/M/K) slash

The Kirk Fuh-Q Fest
A challenge festival to slash James T.

Furry FanWorks Archive
This is a home for the Furry artwork and stories done of other folk's characters and in settings the author/artist didn't create.

Batty's Cavern - Helen Sentinel's Fiction
A collection of Gen and slash TS stories, maybe other fandoms to come

Fics in multiple fandoms including HtLJ, Mag7, Sentinel, Firefly, RtED and a few others.

the house of the setting sun 1 review(s)
Slash and Art, Harry potter and sentinel at present, but more to come soon

Josan's Fanfiction
Fanfiction in the following fandoms: The X-files and Harry Potter by Josan

Kelli Rei's Fan Fiction
My slash and non slash site has fiction from TV, Anime, Movies and some of my original works.

SmutScape is the archive for the SmutScape@topica.

Rough Stones
Slash (with occasional het and gen) fiction by Lapis Lazuli in several genres, including Phantom Menace, Babylon 5, and The X-Files.

Slash Fiction by Trinity, Emrin & Annie, and other authors.

The Wicked Elf
A SLASH fanfiction archive for Legolas and other elves.

Anne Higgins' Slash Fiction
All fiction by Anne Higgins in various fandoms including, Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman, Once A Thief, Smallville, The Professionals and many more.

General Hospital Slash
Slash using 80's GH characters.

Raietta's Nifty-Keen Site o' Stuff
Let Rebop, Revenant, and Raietta regale you with all sorts of slash fic, from the romantic to the dark to the ludicrous.

Rishi Baba
A Garak/Bashir tale told in hypertext, by Karmen Ghia

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ashray's corner
a small site with my fanfictions; humor, yaoi and insanity, with some romance and fluff, but most important: slash! this is a warning, there is boy on boy, in various ratings! for now with saiyuki, yugioh, harry potter, final fantasy 7, sherlock holmes (the rdj!movie) and grimm,

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Fanfiction Paradies
Multifandom fanfiction archive for stories written in German.

The Darth Side
This is a site for dark Star Wars erotica OT and TPM.

You Want Fries with That?
You Want Fries with That? is a collection of fanfiction specially formatted to be easily added to your PalmOS (Palm, Handspring Visor, Sony Clie, TRG Pro, IBM Workpad), Apple Newton, HP Palmtop, Psion/EPOC PDA, TI Avigo or WinCE handheld device.

Dream World
A site featuring X-Files slash devoted to Fox Mulder.

Noire Sensus
A yaoi/slash fan site with a huge fanfiction archive for Final Fantasy VIII and IX, Harry Potter, Fushigi Yuugi, Lord of the Rings, Tekken, and more.

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