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Silkie Bantams

Topic: Farm Animals > Poultry
Silkie BantamsThe Silkie Bantam webring is for those of us who love this breed of chicken. If you enjoy breeding, showing or keeping Silkies as pets please join our webring or feel free to browse around the websites.
For example: Welcome To Island Exotics Farm - The Official Website of Island Exotics Farm, located on Central Vancouver Island, BC Canada. Encouraging the raising & exhibition of Rare & Unusual Heritage Poultry. Breeding Bantam Cornish, Cochin, Bearded Silkie, WCB Polish; and Large Fowl Black Jersey Giants, Plymouth Rocks, Orpingtons, Cornish, Cochins, Yokohamas, and Hamburgs. Waterfowl and Beltsville Small White Turkeys. Check back often to see Updates!

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Welcome To Island Exotics Farm
The Official Website of Island Exotics Farm, located on Central Vancouver Island, BC Canada.

HatTrick Silkies 1 review(s)
HatTrick Silkies ~ dedicated to breeding Silkie Bantams that meet the APA/ABA Standard of Perfection.

Proverbs Farm
It has pics and info.

Flufnstuffs PictureTrail
This site Contains 400 pictures of our Stunning Flock of Bearded Silkies in 7 of the colors.

Canadian Silkies, Kissing Bridge Farm
Canadian, We raise all recognized colours imported from top US breeders.

Fluffy Silkies 1 review(s)
Fluffy Silkie Bantams ~ We raise 6 colors of Quality Bearded Silkie Bantams in NY.

Martin's Silkie Bantams
Under construction.

Crazy E Ranch Fainting Goats
i raise fainting goats in mansfield, TX.

The Utopian Dream: EK's Pets
An Extention of Scape Dock 13, this web site is about my pets: cats, dogs, birds, roosters, turtle, and more.

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hatching eggs
here are many types of hatching eggs that include chicken, duck, quail, turkey, goose, peacock, guinea fowl, pheasant and more for sale, bobwhite and coturnix quail hatching eggs, orpington, marans, ameraucana, araucana and blue.

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Feather Acres - Rare Breed Poultry Preservation
It is my mission to help preserve, promote and educate about rare breeds of poultry.

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