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Mazda Rotary

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Mazda RotaryMazda rotary Powered Vehicles (of all types, including Rx-7 & Rx-8). Individual Mazda owner's sites with links to technical papers on rotary engine design and theory, as well as to Mazda replacement parts and accessory sites. The main criteria for membership of this community is that sites focus on Mazda and rotary engines.

The photo is by Taisyo.

For example: Real World Solutions, Inc - Real World Solutions carries two videos of special interest to RX-7 owners - the 13B Overhaul Video and 2nd Generation R(emove) and R(place). Both are EXCELLENT. We also provide information and products for use of the 13B and/or 20B engine in aircraft. We produce a EFI/fuel injection controller and a 2.17:1 gear reduction drive

see Mazda Rotary sites at WebRing
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Real World Solutions, Inc
Real World Solutions carries two videos of special interest to RX-7 owners - the 13B Overhaul Video and 2nd Generation R(emove) and R(place).

This site is for the First Generation Rx-7 Owner.

Mazda Rotary
Mazda Rotary Powered Vehicles (of all types, including Rx-7 & Rx-8).

Mazda RX-7 Links and FAQs
Much technical information about maintaining and modding the 2nd Gen RX-7. Includes links to other Rotary sites for all RX-7 generations

Craig's Rotary Page - 4 rotors, 700hp 13B & much more! 7 review(s)
Some of the hardest to get rotary info on the net.

RX7 CITY.COM - Lifestyle of the Rx7!
Rx7 City Three generations Of Performance! At last RX7 CITY.

Cars, Planes, Trains, Etc. Graphics
A growing collection of free vehicle graphics.

Japanese Efini 1991 Fds3.

Auto Extended Warranties for all Makes and Models
Warranties4wheels has the exact same coverage as the dealers, but at 500.

Vehicular Humor
A growing collection of jokes about cars, trucks.

Mazda Rotary Vehicles 1 review(s)
Mazda Rotary powered vehicles, US list of Mazda Rotary currently sold, These include Rx7, Rx8, and Mazda 3, 5, 7, and 8, Information, Parts, Books, Repair Manuals and more, Mazda Rotary for Sale.

Mazda 20B Rebuild Tips 1 review(s)
An online manual on rebuilding the Mazda 20B rotary engine

Generation RX-7 Online
Encompassing three generations of Mazda's flagship sports car, the rotary powered Mazda RX-7 and tracing the heritage of the wankel-designed Mazda rotary internal combustion engine.

Creative Car Craft
all concerning modifying cars

Bednet's RX-7 Experience
RX-7 and RX-8 related site for owners and enthusiasts.

1988 Mazda RX-7 from SET Customs

MAZDA RX-3 in Japan.

1988 RX-7 GTU Supercharged
A two year pictoral restoration of a 1988 RX-7 GTU including supercharging, porting, respringing, light flywheel, electric fan, battery relocation, and much more.

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get best supplier of din 7, din 6325, din 1444
irya fasteners is a quality and cost effective supplier of bolts,dowel pins,din 7,din 6325,din 1444,clevis pin & more.

barker aircraft research company
diy kits for aircraft accessories -- battery desulfator, aoa kit , engine dryer kit, rite way magnetic compass, cabin air conditioning kit

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Mazda, Rotary, 3 Rotor, 4 Rotor, 3 review(s)
Based in Auckland, New Zealand, we specialise in the modification, service and support of all rotary powered vehicles.

Rebuilt Rotary Engine, Rotary Planet 1 review(s)
At Rotary Planet we sell,rebuilt rotary engines and offer technical support for Mazda Rx7, 13b, 12a, and 20b rebuilt rotary engines.

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