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Emergency 911 Ring

Topic: Professional > Emergency Services
Emergency 911 RingThe Emergency 911 Ring provides a way to surf the web for other pages following the concept of Providing Health, Public Safety and Education Related Resources Dedicated To People's Well Being. The goal is to serve as a resource to this on-line community as well as educate people about Health care and safety issues.


For example: The Rainbows End - My site originally started off as a tribute to the folks in public safety but soon turned into having something for everyone.

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The Rainbows End
My site originally started off as a tribute to the folks in public safety but soon turned into having something for everyone.

Fire Dogs and Horses
Today the Dalmatian serves as a fire house mascot, but back in the days of horse drawn fire carts, they provided a valuable service.

Spartanburg County Fire dispatch codes, ems codes/station numbers,scanners Frequencies/nascars links.

My EMS Page
Information on me, New York State EMS, and other info.

Lady Hawke's Nest
My personal site dedicated to the Police, Firefighters, EMS, and Dispatchers in Public Safety.

nurse jokes
A site for nurses to share jokes about nurses and nursing

Brindle Ridge Fire Department
Site used for public information about upcoming events at the fire department

Dans HomePage
A small by intresting page thats growing in time

Mike's EMS Educational Website
This site is dedicated to all EMS service providers and is intended as an educational/informational adjunct.

Cindy's Nursing Page
I have information on my site concerning Hospice, NCLEX test taking tips and Delegation issues.

The Daugherty Homepage
Military retired policeman now working for the SC Department of Corrections.

Rich's Pig Pen Police Web
Police oriented site for everyone.

Emergency Room Stories
Interested in unusual true emergency room stories? This site reviews several books of ER stories and presents a wide-ranging ER question & answer forum along with a variety of other ER topics.

MEDIC784's web page
A web page dedicated to the EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement services that provide assistance to those in need.

Nurses On The Web
Nurses On The Web is a webring created in a effort to bring nurses around the world together.

EKG Screensaver Page
Come download a FREE, fully-configurable EKG Screensaver (for Windows).


Emergency Nursing World !

Medical Emergency Documentation Card 1 review(s)
This site is dedicated to the Medical emergency Documentation Card.

911 WEB

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Suicide is not the way out!
Do you feel suicidal now? Do you feel like no one cares about you? Do you feel hopeless and helpless? Feeling trapped with no way out?

Survival Medic
Books and Resources on Wilderness Medicine, Paramedic Practice, CBRNe, Survival and Self-Sufficiency

Other People's Emergencies
Daily journal of a paramedic in one of America's biggest cities.

OSHA Online Safety Training Programs
User friendly online interactive OSHA safety training programs.

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