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Elven Goddess

Topic: Paganism > Wicca and Witchcraft
Elven GoddessA community for elves, goddesses, fairies and more.  Folk lore, celtic sites and rites.  Pagan sites, druid sites as well. 


For example: Ana Winter - Vocalist Ana Winter comes from deep within the ether with moody, ethereal electronica.

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Ana Winter 1 review(s)
Vocalist Ana Winter comes from deep within the ether with moody, ethereal electronica.

Odin's Gift - Norse Mythology Poetry Collection 1 review(s)
Over 1500 poems, songs & MP3 about Norse/Germanic mythology and religion.

Witches And Psychics 2 review(s)
The place for Witches, Psychics, and those that believe

Druid Planet
This site is designed for those who are interested in knowing more than rituals or the basics of Druidism.

Li's pages 1 review(s)
fairy-tales with elves, princesses, dragons, etc.

The Morrigans Lair
A personal view of the Goddess, includes Celtic goddess, The wheel of the year, imbolc, Samháin, celtic mythology, moon phases, moon verse, moon worship, faery realm, fairy, celtic faries, banshee, fairy rath, Morrigan, Angelology, fallen angels, Morrigans lair.

Birthing Goddess Pond 1 review(s)
An interfaith honey bee pond with Goddesses enshrined around it at the Amerine Retreat Center.

Sangreal History Project
The true history of the people of the Holy Grail, the rise and fall of dynasties, religions, art history, myths, and women's rights.

Blue Enchantress's Magic 1 review(s)
Enter a parallel universe, and meet Blue Enchantress and her friends on a dangerous quest.

A Pagan's Playground
A site full of info on witchcraft, paganism, and magick.

Oak and Owl Coven
The Oak and Owl Coven (est.

Fanciful Realm
Getting to know more about faeries and wolves and adopt my images some of them are faeries and also win my Glow The Net Award while reading poetry

the WitchSanctuary
This is a sanctuary for anyone wanting to learn something about witchcraft and paganism in general; whether you are a witch of any proficiency yourself, or a friend of a witch wanting to discover what the religion of the craft really is about. Updates every Sabbat, e-mail service, online bookstore, and a plethora of articles on herbs, meditation, spellwriting, tables of correspondanaces, etc.

The Elven Portal
An Elven (otherkin) site of memories, thoughts, ponderings, some artwork, links, etc.

Elysian Waves
The Elysian Waves of Lady Faie celebrates Wicca, faerie, music, friends and goth in a open environment without pretension and descrimination.

The Realm Of Middle Earth
Mae govannen!!!! UK based unofficial international fanclub for all things Tolkien.

Gens Martiana
We are an association of families who honor Mars, Bellona, Minerva, Victoria, Cernnunos, Tyr, and Martianus Minneus Felix Capella.

Ivasia's Domain
Very good information on Astral creatures, Wicca, and many other things

Divine Love Light
Blessed white magic spells, empathic psychic readings, intuitive angel readings, caring Tarot readings and inspiring readings with the fairies.

Elves and fairies images in 3D
Elves and fairies images, magic and spells, girls transformed by elves into animals and fantastic monsters, elves animations, drawings and 3D images

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Mythos 1 review(s)
Wicca and Witchcraft explored at Mythos

Photos From Fairyland
Fireflies in the trees on beautiful fairytale nights and magic blackberry summer days, a magic world populated with Owl, Crow and Rabbit Girls and other denizens of fairyland.

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