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Guinea Pig Breeders & Fanciers WebRing

Topic: Rodents > Guinea Pigs (Cavies)
Guinea Pig Breeders & Fanciers WebRingAs a cavy breeder, I enjoy visiting the websites of other breeders and viewing their beautiful animals. But finding breeder sites is sometimes like a treasure hunt! This WebRing is intended to be a centralized place to find Cavy Breeders and Fanciers. Learn where to buy cavies (Guinea Pigs), and how to breed, raise and show them. Or just look at all the pretty pictures!
For example: Home - Walden Caviary - Walden Caviary is a small caviary dedicated breeder of quality American, Coronet, Peruvian, Silkie and Texel Cavies, located in southern Indiana.

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Home - Walden Caviary
Walden Caviary is a small caviary dedicated breeder of quality American, Coronet, Peruvian, Silkie and Texel Cavies, located in southern Indiana.

ClassCi Cavies
Cavies with Class.

Borderwinds Caviary
Founded in 2010, Borderwinds is a small caviary located in Western New York, about 25 minutes south of Rochester.

Welcome to Celebrity Cavies of Monroe, Michigan 2 review(s)
We hope you enjoy our animals as much as we do.

Casmaran's Skinnypigs
We raise skinnypigs in Malibu California.

Skinny Shack's 'Skinnies' Hairless Guinea Pigs
Visit the site, see our Skinnies! Learn more about this unusual, personable pet.

Rose Bud Cavies - Home
We are located in beautiful B.

The Farrell Family Caviary
This site is dedicated to the education and preservation of the cavy species. We are located in Akron, Ohio

Tigger's Teddies 1 review(s)
I raise himalayan, black self and white self Teddies, and white, cream, himalayan and black americans.

Abertillery Cavies and Mini Lops
We are breeders of quality cavies and mini and dwarf lops.

Leeash Cavies
Australian Cavy Breeder & Exhibitor

Cavies of Camelot
Located in Corpus Christi, Texas - we are the Beyer Family and show Coronets, Silkies and other breeds too ! Come visit our southern "internet" home, where we proudly present some of our animals.

Candyland Caviary
Located in Southern California.

Carriage Hills Caviary
Southern Indiana guinea pig breeder of long hairs, and texels.

Cavia Bella Caviary
A small Northern California Caviary breeding American and American Satin Intense and Dilute Agoutis and Solids, Cream and White Selfs, and Dilute Broken Colors.

Willamette Valley Caviary
Willamette Valley Caviary is nestled in Albany, Oregon.

BlueMoon Cavies
Raising Satin Peruvian in Broken, Roans and Selfs, Satin Silkies in Brokens Located in Cincinnati Ohio

Cavykeeper's Caviary
Breed and show American and American Satin, in broken color and agouti, in the Pacific North West.

Broken Ivy Caviary
Broken Ivy raises Americans in Himis & Blacks. We also raise Coronets, Silkies, Peruvians (and Satins). We are also known for our special "clayvies"; small clay figurines of many cavy breeds, chinchillas, earrings, showboards, carriers, cages and more ! Come visit our "Crafts" link to see samples of our work :-)

Cavy Cache - Anchorage, Alaska
Cavy Cache is home to Americans, Satin Americans, Peruvians, Silkies and Coronets.

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dynasty caviary
"cavies of imperial distinction" our main focus is raising registerable himalayan peruvians & teddies bred to the standard of perfection. we also have the occasional himalayan silkie & coronet. we are pleased to announce the arrival of the first lunkaryas that will be used to create the himalayan variety of this newest arrival!

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Posh Paws Caviary
White Crested & American Cavies raised for show, breeding and pets.

Creator's Critters Rabbits and Cavies
Welcome to Creators Critters.

Virginia Breeder of Quality Long-Haired Cavies (Guinea Pigs)

Grayrose Cavies
Information on my guinea pigs; articles on cavy genetics, breeding, and care; pictures and for sale lists; show information.

Ray's SKINNY GUINEA 1 review(s)
Skinny Guinea pigs and Skinny Carriers.

Cream City Caviary
I am a skinny pig breeder from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Cavy Stuff
Cavy Stuff features Guinea Pig shirts, Guinea Pig totes, and a myriad of other Guinea Pig-themed gifts!

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