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Topic: Entertainment & Arts > Comics and Animation
AnimationFor sites that feature animation, or offer tips and services about animation.
For example: Virtual worlds, flash films - Fantasy art, flash films and animations, 3D 360 degrees artistic panoramas, strange and fantastic worlds, animated strips

see Animation sites at WebRing
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Virtual worlds, flash films
Fantasy art, flash films and animations, 3D 360 degrees artistic panoramas, strange and fantastic worlds, animated strips

Animations from usenet
Interface to search animations published on usenet by using usenet-replayer's long time archive.

Blog, videos, animation, art, Music, DJ Sets.

Anithings-The Animation Blog
The experiences of an animation filmmaker on the festival circuit as well as links to great animation finds on the net.

A suspenseful animation that no one can miss out on watching even just once!

Animation and 3D webrings
Animation and 3D webrings, links and more!

The Chocolate Factory
Cartoon Dolls, Zodiac dolls, Birthstone dolls,etc.

The Animated Kids Bible Collectible Series!
Your kids will delight in the timeless tales of courage, faith & endurance with characters like Adam & Eve, Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus of Nazareth, and the Apostles.

Creating a Blinking Eye Tutorial
Learn how to create blinking eyes for your animations.

Way of the Iron Pegbar
Animated Work from an AM student.

kenshi's Animation Adventures
An online diary of kenshi's foray into the animated arts - namely as a student in AnimationMentor.

Homepage of the Galleria webring, with links to art webrings and groups.

Melissa McMahan - Creations and Exhibits
Artist cartoonist, poet, bard, actress and etc.

3d animation illustration & comic artwork

Satyrs, centaurs and lamias
Satyrs, centaurs and lamias magic and fantastic flash films, girls morphing into centaurs, nymphs, satyrs, mermaids and lamias

Animation Gold Free Clipart Animation
All free animation listed by categories.

Animation Playhouse 1 review(s)
A site full of free original animation.

Real mermaids and undines, flash films
Real pictures of mermaids and undines, fantasy drawings and paintings, graphics and computer art animation, little mermaids flash films and 3D panoramas, nymphs, sylphs and fantastic creatures

Andrew Garrett's Works
Welcome to Andrew Garrett's Works! I have three animated feature screenplays here (a modern-day fantasy, a furry 1940s thriller, and a Louisiana love story) as well as some screenwriting resources (rebuilding!) and music.

Witches and fairies, magic and spells
Witches and fairies drawings, elves, magics, legends and spells, girls morphing into fantastic hybrids and into animals, witches pictures and paintings, 3D fantasy panoramas and flash films, sylphs and fantastic creatures

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experimental animation
i am an aspiring experimental animator.

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Animation Mini-Page at Magic Lantern Video & Book Store
animation [noun]: a motion picture made by photographing successive positions of inanimate objects (as puppets or mechanical parts); animated cartoon [noun]: a motion picture made from a series of drawings simulating motion by means of slight progressive changes in the drawings.

design protfolio - Home
Work samples

Anaglyph Animations with 3D-CAD
A method is described how to create anaglyph animations with computer aided design (CAD), with many examples

Animated Angels
Free Animated Angel Clipart including free flash angels and animated gif angels

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