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Animal Transformation Webring

Topic: Science Fiction and Fantasy > Transformation
Animal Transformation WebringThis webring focuses on websites involving transformation of humans into animals, including both stories and pictures.
For example: Thrashwolfs Art and Fursuits - Personal homepage displaying Transformation and furry artwork. Fursuit projects and activites, and other personal interests.

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Thrashwolfs Art and Fursuits 1 review(s)
Personal homepage displaying Transformation and furry artwork.

Satyrs, centaurs and lamias 2 review(s)
Satyrs, centaurs and tigergirls magic and fantastic flash films and 3D artwork, girls morphing into centaurs, nymphs, satyrs, tigergirls, mermaids and lamias

Hybrid animal human page 6 review(s)
Genetical engineering to make human animal hybrids like dog or piggirls, centaurs, griphons, squirrelgirls and so on.

Catprog's Interactive Story Site
An transformation interactive story

Transformation stories

The Matthias Zone
The place to find out all things Matthias, Stories, Ideas, and more.

Weremoose's Transformation Page 1 review(s)
A collection of Weremoose's stories, costumes, and other transformation goodies.

Sly's Web Page
A collection of Sly Cooper's TF and Furry stories and links.

Carnivorus Creativitous
A site devoted to my artwork which includes werewolves and other werecreatures.

More Creative Island Fun
More short stories, art and goofiness than you can shake a normal stick at

Wanderer's Library
A site with links to stories and other transformation material .

TFW For Werewolves 1 review(s)
Great Site! Come and see.

NothingSpecial's Transformation
My site, with my stories on it. And *I* know how to spell and use proper grammar! I specialize in fox and cat TFs.

TSAT -- Transformation Stories, Art & Talk
Established in December of 1998, and under new management since December of 2001, TSAT is, was, and will continue to be a showcase for some of the best stories and art the TF community has to offer.

Cubist's Story Archive
As the title says, this is a repository for my stories, which includes my corner of the TBP setting -- if you're interested in my cheetahmorph, Jubatus, "dis is de place".

Elves and fairies images in 3D
Elves and fairies images, magic and spells, girls transformed by elves into animals and fantastic monsters, elves drawings and 3D images

Dragons of Histh
The real life stories of the smugglers,black marketeers,ressistance fighters,soldiers,shoe-makers, scoundrels,clerics,land owners and other colourful people who are the basis for the dragons in the Dragons of Histh universe

Dragon Goddess Shichimen
Japanese buddhist legends of when a water dragon would appear as a young lady to hear Nichiren talk about the Lotus Sutra.

The World of Calithwain
Web page of Valerie Frankel, author of the Calithwain series and other fantasy fiction.

Rusty and Rascals Den
TF story site, mostly coons and otters but also has several other species.

Fading...: 1 - 2 of 2  
Portal of Transformation
A collection of folklore, traditional artwork and sculpture photographs depicting werewolves and other shapeshifters of legend.

The Ineffable Cyrin
Hi, I'm Cyrin and this is my furry website.

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